2020. 11. 23
[Video Ad Issue]

[Video Ad Issue]

1. I can’t watch “Video Ads”. What do I do?

There might be a couple of different reasons. Please check the message that appears after clicking “Watch video ads”. We’ll explain what’s going on for the different messages!😉


<Case 1>

Error message: “There aren't ads available at the moment. Please try again later.”

The amount of ads available for each country is different, and when ads are exhausted, the above message is shown. Please note that it is difficult for Mubeat to resolve such ad exhaustion issues😢 

<Case 2>

Error message: “Ad cannot be called. Please make sure there are no ad restrictions and that you are not in an ad-restricted region.”

Ads may not be shown for iOS device users who have restricted their ad tracking identifiers. Please check the settings below.

  • Turn off ad tracking restriction (Method 1): iOS Settings> Advertising> turn OFF “Limit Ad Tracking”

  • Turn off ad tracking restriction (Method 2): iOS Settings> Privacy> Tracking> Allow tracking for “Mubeat”

  • Please also check if iOS Settings> Screen Time> Content & Privacy Restrictions> “Advertising” is in the “Allow” state

2. I didn’t get a “Voting Ticket” after watching “Video Ads”.

If you stop watching the ad, you will not get the Heart Beats. Please check the remaining time left for the ad!

If you are still experiencing video ad issues, please send us a feedback or an E-mail with the following info!

  • Feedback: APP settings

  • E-mail:

  • Info: Mubeat account info, screenshot/video of the issue, residing country, OS version, Mubeat version, etc

*Detailed info greatly helps Mubeat in taking the necessary steps to resolve your inquiries.

We promise to get back to you ASAP!😊